• Prasad Kakarla, PE

    President & Technical Director

    Mr. Kakarla has over 25 years of experience designing and implementing various in-situ remediation technologies. He is a reputed technical leader in chemical oxidation utilizing various oxidants such as modified Fenton's reagent (MFR), activated persulfate, and permanganate.

    Mr. Kakarla is responsible for overall project design, field implementation, project management, regulatory reporting, and field oversight. He has managed over 200 projects and serves as the contact for technical issues and field implementation issues. Mr. Kakarla is also in charge of laboratory research aimed at optimizing treatment efficiencies for both soil and ground water contamination. Additionally, he performs literature reviews detailing ongoing oxidative research and acts as a liaison between ISOTEC and various academic institutions currently studying oxidative technologies in an effort to optimize ISCO treatment technologies. He has taught ISCO courses, hosted workshops, published in peer-reviewed journals, and chaired sessions at numerous conferences. Prior to ISOTEC, Mr. Kakarla served as a research and teaching assistant at Washington State University and completed his thesis on chemical oxidation of sorbed, hydrophobic contaminants in surface soils using in-situ Fenton-like processes. Mr. Kakarla has a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Washington State University and Bachelor of Technology (Honors) in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.

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  • Michael Temple

    Director & Senior Project Manager

    Mr. Temple has over 20 years of experience in the environmental remediation industry. He has served several critical roles, including: in-situ chemical field supervisor, project manager, assistant project manager, and site safety manager.

    Mr. Temple has over six years of international remediation experience in Germany, Denmark, Japan (numerous job sites) and the Caribbean; lending both his technical support and job site supervision expertise. He is qualified to conduct site evaluations and assist in the design and implementation of in-situ remediation systems using chemical oxidants such as modified Fenton's reagent (MFR), sodium persulfate and sodium/ potassium permanganate, along with a wide array of bioremediation treatments.

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  • Tim Eilber

    Director & Senior Operations Manager

    Mr. Eilber is the Director of Western Operations and Project Manager with ISOTEC in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Eilber has over 20 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry and is responsible for the design and implementation of ISCO at contaminated sites across the United States.

    Mr. Eilber has worked on ISCO remediation projects at former and active military installations, active refineries, chemical facilities, retail and commercial dry cleaning operations as well as active and decommissioned gasoline stations throughout the United States, Canada and Japan.

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  • Grant Geckeler

    Director of Remediation Services

    Mr. Grant Geckeler is the Director of Remediation Services at ISOTEC. He has been an active project leader and innovator in the environmental remediation industry since 2009. Mr. Geckeler is responsible for remedial technology assessments, project oversight, and program management.

    In addition, Mr. Geckeler focuses his technical efforts on the in-situ treatment of organic compounds and metals, multiple-phase extraction, and ISOTEC’s patent-pending PFAS remediation technology. Grant Geckeler is a named inventor of two U.S. patents for remediation technologies.

    Prior to joining ISOTEC in 2020, Mr. Geckeler was an officer and director at GEO Environmental Remediation Company, where he oversaw thermal remediation and in situ treatment projects across North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Geckeler is based in Southern California, and he works from ISOTEC’s Tustin, CA office. When he is not engaged in his projects at ISOTEC, Grant enjoys mountain biking and surfing with his two children.

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  • Scott Pittenger

    Senior Remediation Scientist/ Regional Manager

    Mr. Pittenger provides over 20 years of experience with environmental site investigation, remediation and restoration with a broad range of design experience from bench to field and a stakeholder’s perspective. He will be based at ISOTEC’s Atlanta, Georgia location.

    At ISOTEC, Mr. Pittenger brings a deep understanding of owner perspectives on environmental risk and liability having spent nearly a decade offering leadership and management of a large portfolio of site liabilities across the eastern United States for a Class I railroad. He defined the remediation strategy and ultimate closure for numerous properties, and provided his expertise to multiple internal departments. He also has a strong background in remediation as a former consultant and treatability lab manager. He designed, built, and performed bench studies, field pilots, remediation systems, and multi-stage field events across North America, in Europe and the Middle East.

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  • Will Caldicott

    Director of Remediation Technologies & Business Development

    Mr. Caldicott serves as the Director of Remediation Technologies and Business Development for ISOTEC. His experience with multiple environmental technologies, and extensive 22 years in the field, has allowed him to successfully work with many consulting and vendor companies on behalf of the company.

    Mr. Caldicott has designed and carried out numerous laboratory experiments and field treatment programs. Mr. Caldicott is an owner of ISOTEC Remediation Technologies and a key part of the management team that operates both companies. He is responsible for generating and maintaining business relationships and opportunities, technically evaluating client's sites, remedial option appraisal, oversight, final review of treatment designs and proposals, and project management. In addition, Mr. Caldicott identifies and evaluates new synergistic products and services that may be incorporated into the company's portfolio and is the principal negotiator in business deals. He has helped to steer ISOTEC to adopt non-core technologies such as chemical reduction, bioremediation, soil mixing (chemox and ISS), Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR), C3 Technology, BOS 100®, CAT 100™ and BOS 200® Trap and Treat® Products, and a revolutionary PFAS technology that takes advantage of the inherent properties of the compounds for remediation.

    Prior to his association with ISOTEC, Mr. Caldicott established, and ran, the North American office of an Australian company that developed reagents for remediating metal contaminated media. Mr. Caldicott was responsible for all technical and scientific treatment evaluations which included remedial design and project management. Mr. Caldicott has served as a field technician and GIS analyst. He has also served as a research assistant at Yale University and completed a thesis on the investigation of bauxite residue for use in the remediation of trace metal contaminated media.

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  • Paul Dombrowski, PE

    Director & Senior Remediation Engineer

    Mr. Dombrowski has over 16 years experience in the environmental industry specially in hazardous waste site investigation and remediation, with a focus in designing and implementing in-situ remediation technologies.

    At ISOTEC, Mr. Dombrowski is a technical leader for design, implementation, and management for a full suite of remediation technologies and supports activities to incorporate developing and innovative technologies and approaches to support ISOTEC projects and customers.

    Mr. Dombrowski’s remediation experience includes chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, 1,4-dioxane, and manufactured gas plant sites. He has direct experience designing and/or implementing a broad range of in-situ groundwater technologies including chemical oxidation, bioremediation, zero valent iron, injectable activated carbon, soil vapor extraction, and thermal remediation. Mr. Dombrowski also has experience with PFAS investigations, design and build for water/wastewater projects, and research experience in arsenic and metals geochemistry.

    In addition, Mr. Dombrowski is an Adjunct Lecturer at Tufts University in Medford, MA. He received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and Masters Degree Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College in New York City. Mr. Dombrowski is registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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  • Kolter Hartman

    Project Manager

    Mr. Hartman is a Project Manager with ISOTEC in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Hartman has been implementing field injection activities for ISOTEC for ten years. As Project Manager, he is responsible for the overall field implementation of ISCO applications at contaminated sites across the United States.

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  • Kevin O'Neal

    Field Operations Manager

    Mr. O'Neal has over 15 years of experience in the environmental remediation industry; of which, he has ten years experience as an in-situ chemical oxidation field supervisor and site health and safety officer.

    He is qualified to conduct site evaluations and assist in the design and implementation of in-situ remediation systems using chemical oxidants such as modified Fenton's reagent (MFR), sodium persulfate and sodium/ potassium permanganate, along with a wide array of bioremediation treatments.

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