A Remediation Products, Inc. (RPI) Trap & Treat® Technology

BOS 100® is a Trap & Treat® in situ remediation technology specifically designed to degrade chlorinated solvents. The unique material is manufactured from high grade virgin carbons and impregnated with metallic iron formed under reducing conditions at 850˚C. At this temperature, the metallic iron partially dissolves into the carbon, forming a new and unique material with properties of both the carbon and iron, but with capabilities exceeding ZVI in terms of rates of destruction and the range of halogenated compounds it can degrade. Reaction end products include dissolved iron, chloride, and a series of unregulated gases such as ethylene and methane. The product is insensitive to groundwater geochemistry (e.g. pH, oxidation-reduction potential).

BOS 100® “traps” contaminants and then treats them with a safe, effective reductive dechlorination process. Effective for a variety of chlorinated solvents, BOS 100® reactant remains active in the subsurface for an extended period of time.

The product is typically mixed with water to create a slurry that can be applied using a variety of techniques, including: Direct push injection, soil mixing techniques, and trenching. It is commonly employed in plume wide treatment including source treatment and mid- and downgradient plume regions. Plume area treatment is typically accomplished using a slurry injection across the impacted thickness at a number of points located using a triangular grid pattern. Effective barriers can be constructed by injection using a tight point grid layout or through trenching or soil mixing.

Specialized injection techniques have been developed to address a variety of lithologic settings. The product has additionally treated excavation residuals by spraying slurry into the pit with subsequent mixing into the shallow soils of the excavation floor.

BOS 100® has been successfully applied on hundreds of sites in North America and Europe since 2004, including dry cleaners, industrial, DOE, and DOD sites.