ISOTEC is now implementing G.E.O., Inc. (GEO) technology: Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR) for In-Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD), Ex-Situ Thermal Remediation, Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH), and Thermally-Enhanced Vapor Extraction (TEVES) projects in North America.

  • GTR units heat by natural gas or propane allowing the greatest flexibility in thermal remediation while being reasonably priced compared with current thermal remediation alternatives.
  • GTR+F units allow recycling of captured vapors into the GTR unit to serve as auxiliary fuel supply in case of contaminants that have fuel value (e.g. petroleum-impacts), thereby, reducing the system’s energy needs. Combusting contaminant vapors mitigate the need for costly scrubbing systems.

The systems incorporate vacuum extraction (i.e. soil vapor extraction) to recover contaminants. The technology remediates sites contaminated with BTEX, chlorinated solvents, PAHs, PCBs, pesticides and coal tar. GEO’s patented and patent pending technologies, including the GTR and GTR+F systems, allow fully scalable In-Situ Thermal Treatments. All energy can be provided by natural gas, diesel, or mobile propane tanks, meaning no site electrical upgrades are needed, making installations rapid and affordable.

Additionally, ISOTEC utilizes GEO’s C3 Technology for capturing vapors during GTR thermal projects. The C3 Technology is a combination of compression, cooling, and condensation processes with a proprietary regenerative adsorption technology that efficiently recovers volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the off-gas vapor stream of soil vapor extraction (SVE), dual phase extraction (DPE), and GTR thermal systems. The chemical is recovered as a non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) that is temporarily containerized in appropriate vessels for recycling or proper disposal. Generally, greater than 99.98% of the VOCs are recovered from the vapor stream. Depending upon the contaminant and State or local agency, final effluent may be polished with granular activated carbon (GAC).

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